How It Works

If you'd like to make an appointment with me, feel free to call at any time, day or night. My phone number can be found under "Contact", or you may use the form to send an e-mail. Appointments are made by phone call only. Please be sure to read this entire page before calling to make an appointment - It saves time, & keeps me from answering the same questions repeatedly.


Once you have called to make an appointment, I will ask you where you would like to meet - In public or privately. I prefer to meet with all of my clients publicly before any cuddling is done to discuss what you hope to get out of it and spend some time getting to know you to assure customer satisfaction, but it is not required. This screening process costs $5 an hour.

If you would like to skip this preliminary screening process, you have the option of sending a copy of your photo ID. It is preferred that this ID is a valid, state issued ID card. If I am going to be returning to your home with you, the address on your ID must match the address you are bringing me to. Once I have your ID on file, I would be more than happy to meet with you privately in a place of your choosing. I ask for your ID so that I have it on file exactly who I am with, at what location, and how long I plan to stay there. This information is kept with a third-party safecall for my safety. If I, for whatever reason, should disappear from a location without checking in, my safecall will be able to inform the proper authorities of the who, what, where, when & why needed to find me. All of this is done in order to keep me safe & is non-negotiable.

If giving me your ID is not feasable to you, the other option is to have a third party present. This third party will be a person of my choosing. He or she will be in the room or just outside of it while you and I are together to ensure my safety. He or she will not interfere unless I ask them to. You will be asked to pay the both of us rather than just the one cuddler, meaning the price will be doubled. I also ask for several days advance notice if this is the service you'd like, so that I can make sure that my third-party is available. 


If you would like me to travel & you live more than 15 miles from the intersection of 6th avenue & Kipling Parkway, I ask that you compsensate the gas that it takes for me to get to my destination and back.



Q: Are you still in business?

A: Frankly, I don't know why I keep getting asked this, especially lately.

Yes, I am still in business. If I were not in business, I would take my website down, stop all my advertising that lead you to my website, & would at the very least take my phone number off of my website.


Q: You are offering a cuddling service. Is this legal?

A: Yes, according to both state and federal law, cuddling is completely legal. People often assume that cuddling implies a sexual service is being offered. Professional cuddling does not qualify as prostitution because we do not offer sexual services of any kind.

State law

Federal Law


Q: Are you offering sexual services?

A: No. Sexual activity is not permitted.


Q. Is nude cuddling permitted?

A. No. You must have your genitals covered at all times, & I will keep my bra & panties (at the very least) on at all times. This is not negotiable.


Q: What should I wear when we cuddle?

A: I suggest something comfortable, but I do ask that you keep your genitals covered. I will be doing the same. Pajamas are a good choice.


Q: Do you cuddle with everyone?

A: Yes, it does not matter your age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ect, I will cuddle with anyone that wants me to.


Q. I'm not comfortable sending you my ID before we cuddle. Do you have other options?

A. I am not comfortable meeting with you privately without being allowed to send your ID to my safecall - This includes hotel rooms. This is a major safety concern. If you are not comfortable with me having a copy of your ID, I am willing to cuddle with you in your vehicle, but only if it's in a public lot, & you are not to have your keys in the ignition. If this is unacceptable to you, then perhaps cuddling is not for you. My safety needs to come first.


Q. My state ID is invalid (my address is not the same as listed, or another piece of information is no longer correct). Can we still meet privately?

A. I handle this on a case-to-case basis. I will still meet with you publicly, but after that we will need to discuss other options.

In case you are not aware, it is a major hazard to drive with an invalid license, & having an incorrect address on your license qualifies as that. You know those tickets you get in the mail for running a red light on camera? If that ticket goes to your old address, you have no idea the ticket exists, & you don't pay it, what might happen to your license? What might happen the next time you are pulled over? Without a correct address, the DMV will send any mail they might have for you to your previous address, which means that you might have your license suspended & they would have no way to tell you until the next time you get pulled over & recieve a fine. Something to keep in mind.


Q. What if I get aroused when we are cuddling?

A. I will not react or bring attention to any physical evidence that you are aroused. It is a perfectly natural response.

Q: Can you host?/Can we go back to your place to cuddle?
A: Due to safety concerns, I do not accept new clients at my home, but we can certainly discuss other options.


Q: I cannot have you at my home. May I invite you to a hotel room?

A: Yes, but I will still need to have a copy of your ID. Staying in a hotel does not negate that safety concern.

Q: How much do you charge when you travel?
A: I get 14 miles to the gallon. Wherever I am traveling, I will take the number of miles I'm traveling, multiply that by the price of gas, and divide that total by 14. I then multiply that number by 2 in order to cover cost to get there and back. To put that into perspective, it takes about $20 for me to travel to Boulder from Lakewood and back, and that's how much I would charge you for gas.

Q: Can I see more pictures of you?
A: Due to the increasing number of people who have messaged me as of late with the sole intention of having me send them pictures, I am not comfortable sending images of myself to strangers over the internet. You will be meeting me in person, so why do you need additional pictures?

Q: What if I just want to meet with you for coffee or dinner once a week? Would that be acceptable?
A: Yes, absolutely! See the Rates & Services section for more information.