Job Opportunities

AKA More FAQ's

Q: Are you hiring on more cuddlers?

A: At this time, no I am not. I am a one woman company & cannot afford to share profits at this time. If I had so many clients that I couldn't handle it, because of the nature of this business, I am unwilling to hire on a perfect stranger to help me out at this time. Many years in the future, maybe I will be able to be able to pay wages to other cuddlers, but that's not a feasible idea right now.

This answer also applies to anyone seeking to become my business partner. I am simply not interested, but thank you for the offer. 


Q: I would like to start up a cuddling business of my own. Any advice?

A: First of all, please be aware that by asking me this, you are basically telling me to give you advice on how to take business from me. If I were a more territorial person, I might be upset that I am asked this so often. Also, if you don't have the funds to rent out a space for you to take clients right off the bat, you are also asking me to endorse putting yourself in potentially dangerous situations, & I simply cannot do that.

The number one thing that I offer & can't teach is experience. I understand better than most what it is like to need a service like the one I offer - Which is a large factor in why I decided to go into this business. I also understand better than most what it is like when someone claims to be offering this to you for free & abuses the power they have over your hyper-emotional state. If I'm giving you, a perfect stranger, advice on how to run a cuddling business, how do I know that you truly have good intentions for doing it?


Q: I asked a series of questions related to how you run your business, & this is where you sent me. Why?

A: I am asked more than once, daily, how I run my business. These questions range anywhere from "How many clients do you have?" to "How much money do you make?", or "How busy are you?" & so on. I've learned that the majority of the people who ask these questions are only asking because they are attempting to gather information on whether or not they can start a cuddling business of their own.

As I said before, I am unwilling to offer advice on how to do this, & I've learned that if I answer your seemingly meaningless questions on how I run my business, you will start asking more in an attempt to fool me into answering questions on how to do this for yourself.

I realize that people are curious by nature, but I ask you, why does your curiosity trump my desire to only be contacted through my business by clients?

Thank you.